Ambaji Temple Banaskantha Gujarat – 51 Shati Peethas

Ambaji temple is one of the famous 51 Shakti peethas located in Banaskantha of North Gujarat. It is located at 45 km. from Mount Abu and 185 km. from Ahmedabad city. It is almost 1200 years old temple and the tip of the temple is 103 feet tall and you have 381 golden Kalash pots installed. Now total mandap is going to get gold plated.


  1. According to the mythology Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation, it is the holy place where “Heart” fell down.
  2. It is the place where Lord Rama got shakti to kill demon Ravan
  3. Here you don’t have any idol of goddess Ambaji instead devotees pray goddess in the form of Yantra.
  4. Devotees throng to the shrine during Purnima (full moon) and a large mela is celebrated on Bhadarvi Poornima (full moon day). On the occasion of Diwali whole temple is lightened which brings the temple magnificent look.
  5. It is considered a golden temple of Gujarat.
  6. It is the place where the hair of Lord Krishna was offered by her mother Yashodha.

If you are planning to visit this shrine to watch goddess Ambaji then you don’t find any idol. Although the goddess is prayed in the form of yantra (gold plated Shree Visa Yantra), it is kept hidden while performing pooja. Even priests who perform daily rituals close their eyes with a cloth and perform rituals. One can only view yantra with devotion, this yantra is prohibited from photography. It is believed that the original seat of the goddess is on Gabbar hilltop.

Bhog nivedan is prepared in temple premises only where they use desi ghee and wood to prepare. Goddess Ambaji is decorated three times a day.

Gujarat Tourism has taken special care of the temple and its surrounding places. You find many tourist spots near the temple like Gabbar Hill, Kamakshi Mandir, Kailash Hill (one can enjoy trecking and have magnificent experience during sunset), Koteshwar, Kumbhariya, Mansarovar and Gabbar Parikrama Path


Road: Ambaji temple is connected with all major cities of India. You can reach the temple from bus station by walk it is less than one kilometer.

Air: The nearest airport is Ahmedabad.

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