Hinglaj Devi Temple Nani Mandir Balochistan Pakistan – 51 Shakti Peethas

Hinglaj Devi temple or Nani Mandir is one of the Shakti peeth located in a remote hilly area of Lyari Tehsil, Balochistan, Pakistan. Hinglaj temple is on the mountain named Hinglaj on the river bank of Hinghol.


According to the mythology Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation, it is the holy place where “Bramharandra (part of the head)” fell down.

From our ancient scripts and local people, we get to know that Hinglaj Mata is a powerful deity form of Durga who blesses her devotees and fulfills their wishes. Presence of Goddess Hinglaj is been stated in many ancient scripts like Kularnava Tantra, Kubjika Tantra, Tantrachudamani, Shivasharitha. Locally devi is called with different names like Kottari, Kottarisha Kottavi, etc. and the Bhairava form of Lord Shiva associated with a goddess is called with the name Bhimalochan.

We find Hinglaj Devi is made with shapeless stone smeared with Sindhoor. Local Muslims provide security to the temple and call deity with the name Nani Mandir.

Every year during the month of April we find a four-day annual ceremony. Among four day ceremony, the third day is celebrated with great devotion, on this day temple priest chant mantras and invoke gods to accept the offering (3 coconuts) bought by their devotees. Devotees from local and neighbor countries come here to worship. Devotees take all kind of transport systems like buses, private vehicles, and even bicycle. Few devotees say that the more austerities we face, the more is the grace of the goddess.

Other places of worship: 

Apart from the main deity, we have Lord Ganesh temple, Brahma kundh, Gurugorak Nath Dooni, Chandra Goop, Ramjarokha Bethak, Tir kundh, Aghore pooja, etc.


 It is about 250 Kms from Karachi city

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