Karpaga Vinayagar Temple Pillayarpatti – Ancient Ganesh Temple Tamil Nadu

Karpaka Vinayakar Temple is located at pillaiyar patti, Thiruppatthur, Tamil Nadu. This is one of the ancient rock-cut shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesh. According to Agama texts found on stones of the temple, it might be built between 1091 to 1238. However there are different inscriptions which date further back to 4th century AD, so there is no exact date when this temple was built as we find different aspects like vimanams, rajagopurams, inscriptions, etc. stating different time period. Pillaiyar is the Tamil name of Lord Ganesh (lord of wisdom).

Apart from presiding deity Lord Ganesh, you find rock cuts images of Shiva, Marudankudi Eesar and his consort Vaadaamalar Mangai and other god images and shrines. Lord Vinayagar is portrayed with his trunk curled towards the right and with two arms unlike 4 arms, overall 6 feet image.

Maintenance of this temple and worship services has been traditionally conducted by Pillayarpatti Nagarathar community. As this is stone cut and is located in the cave, there is no provision of doing pradikshana (circumambulation)

As lord Vinayagar is the main deity, Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the important festivals which is celebrated for 10 days long. Kappaukkattutual and hoisting temple flag begin before 9 days. On the 9th day celebration of sandal covering ( Santha-na-kkappu) to Pillaiyar takes place.

Myths and Beliefs at Karpaka Vinayakar Temple:

Deities in this temple have been said to fulfill our wishes with different boons. It is believed that when women worship Goddess Kathyayini they will be relieved from sevvai dosham which prevent them from getting married, Nagalingam is said to fulfill the wish of offspring, Pasupatheeswarar – he who showers all wealth.

Priests say kubheran the Lord of wealth had worshiped at this temple. The whole idol is coated with gold, it is only when the holy bath is performed one can see original form.


Road: It is 1 km from Thiruppatthur bus stand. You find frequent buses from major cities

Rail: Chennai Rameswaram Express and Kamban Express travel to these two railheads. Nearest stations are Karaikudi (13 km.), Madurai (70 Kms.), Tiruchi (100 km.) 

Air: Nearest airport is at Tiruchirappalli. Madurai (70 kms), Tiruchi (100 kms.), Coimbatore (260 kms.)

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