Mithila Shakti Peeth Uma Devi Nepal – 51 Shakti Peethas

Mithila Shakti peeth of Uma Devi is located at Mithila (near Janakpur station) which is on the border of India (Bihar) and Nepal. Locals worship goddess Sati with the names Uma Devi or Mahadevi and Lord Shiva (Bhairav form) as Mahodar.


According to the mythology Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation, it is the holy place where “Left Shoulder” fell down.

Janakpuri/ Mithila is famously known for the birth of goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama) as per Hindu epic story Ramayana. We find huge temple structure which looks like a fort with four towers (minar type structures) and a color fountain in front of the temple entrance which looks magnificent during the night when light falls on it. You also find a huge door which is 30 meter in height almost similar to Taj Mahal. Temple premises is surrounded by greenery and looks magnificent when seen from distance.

Many have a misconception that Janaki Mandir is Shakti peeth, locals believe that there idols of Uma Devi and lord Mahodar in a temple which is located on the mountain rock.

Locals celebrate Ram Navami with great devotion in a grand way. Also, Navaratri, Karthika pournami, Holi, Durga Puja are some of the most famous festivals celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Mithila Shakti peeth remains open from 6.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M. Other temples nearby which are famous are Sona Mai mandir and Mithilachal temple which is popularly known as Durgasthan as per Devi Bhagavathi.


Road: As Mithila Shakti peeth is located at India border, Darbanga, road connectivity to temple premises is good. We have many buses floating to temple.

Rail: Janakpur railway station is the nearest railway station with is just 1 km from the station.

Air: Patna airport is the nearest airport.

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