Shani Shignapur – village with no doors to houses

Shani Shignapur

Shani Shignapur

Shani Shignapur is a popular temple of Lord Shani. It is located 35 km from Ahmednagar city of Maharashtra. It is 92 km from Shirdi.

Lord Shani dev is the son of Suryadev (son of Brahma). When you visit this place, you see the idol which is 5 ½ feet in height and 1 ½ foot broad. The idol is made up of iron and stone. According to local people words, about 350 years ago Lord Shanidev came to this place and there were hardly 20-30 huts, full of the jungle.

History of Shani Shignapur:
Once there was a flood, a shrine came flowing along with the flood. When locals poke the shrine they were surprised to see blood oozing out. Still, we can see a scar on the idol. People tried to lift the shrine but all their efforts went in vain. Next day Shanidev came into the vision of the devotee and said “My son, you tried to lift me a lot, but in vain. Lift me those who are maternal uncle and nephew in relation and put me on berry snare. The condition is that bullocks should be black colored and maternal uncle and nephew in relation. Establish me there by maternal uncle and nephew” next day they did accordingly.


Miracles of Shani Shignapur:

  • Lord Shanidev is so great that he cannot live under anybody’s shelter. Many Indians tried to build the roof on the head of the idol but their efforts went in vain.
  • You find houses with doorless – usually, doors are there to protect houses from thieves and robbers. But people believe that Shanidev is their protector. And he will punish those who burgle houses.
  • There are trees around the temple but shadeless – There was a neem tree at the north side of the terrace. One of the branches grown naturally and once the shade fell on the idol. The branch fell down without hurting any devotees.

Near 30 years ago the same neem tree came into contact with thunder lightning, at the same time guests of marriage were taking shelter beneath the tree. Unfortunately, the tree was severely damaged but no one got hurt. Again it’s a miracle that the tree grew as green as of before.

Many astrologers misguide people that Shanidev is the God who is behind our misfortunes, calamities and other ill effects. Actually, it’s the truth that a person has to suffer all his bad deeds and good deeds in his life.

Remedy for Shani/ remedy on a period of Misfortune and calamity:

    Worship of Lord Shiva

    Worship to Aditya (sun)


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