Shri Parvat Shakti Peeth Ladakh Jammu Kashmir – 51 Shakti Peethas

Shri Parvat Shakti Peeth is one of the 51 Shakti peethas located at Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir. Devotees worship the goddess with the name Shri Sundari (one who is beautiful) and Bhairava associated with a goddess is Sundaranand (on who is handsome). Shri Sundari Devi is considered as the goddess of siddhis (one who can accomplish spiritual boons).


According to the mythology Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation, it is the holy place where “Right anklet (ornament)” fell down.

During the period of Navaratri, nine days are celebrated grandly and on Shivratri, devotees gather in huge and celebrate. On occasion of Diwali, a special fair is conducted.

It is believed that “Takar” is born at this place, Siddhas come here to attain the perfection of Aindrajalika Siddhis. It is also believed that one can easily attain Vedartha Gyan with minimal meditation.

Apart from Hinduism, you find Buddhism is a dominant religion and you will fell the essence of Buddhism in music, architecture, local people’s life’s and paintings.

According to few ancient scripts Srisailam under Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India is treated as Shriparvat. It is also treated as Dakshin Kashi, as its one among Jyothirlingas.


Before you leave to Ladakh, it is recommended to check the weather report and plan your accommodation and food. This place is filled with the beauty of nature, it may take at least 7 days to look in detail. I also recommend you to carry proper clothing material to keep you warm as temperatures here fall below 0 degree Celsius.

Road: July to September is the best period to move by road as the climate is too good. We have special travel buses.

Rail: This option is not recommended as the nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi which is 700 kms from Ladakh.

Air: The nearest airport is at Leh

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