Sri Sampath Vinayagar Temple Visakhapatnam

Sri Sampath Vinayaka Temple is one of the famous temples in Visakhapatnam. This was constructed by lords devotes Late S.G. Sambandan, Late T.S. Selvaganesan and Sri T.S. Rajeswaran with their own funds in the year 1962.

Initially, local fishermen used to come to this temple and offer rituals like deeparadhan and other puja’s before going to market and do their daily business. Five years later Kanchi Paramacharya reconsecrated the shrine by placing “Ganapathi Yantram“. Yantras are considered to increase the power of the god. We find Sri yantram in many temples similarly Ganapathi Yantra is also powerful. Lord Ganesh is considered a mooladhara god while creating any kind of Yantra.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Sarva Vigna Haraya Sarvaya Sarva Guraye Lambodaraya Sampath Vinayakaya Namaha”

Whoever prays the lord will have an attraction towards people and sarvakarsh by chanting below mantra.

“Om Namo Siddi Vinayakaya Sarva Karya Karthrey Sarva Vigna Prasumnaya Sarva Rajya Vasyakaraya Sarva Jana Sarva Sthri Purushakarshanaya Siddam Namaha”

Our mantra and tantric sastra’s say that before doing any task first we need to worship Lord Ganesh. According to the form of deity, rituals will vary, devotees who want to stabilize and increase their revenues or knowledge will pray Sri Sampath Vinayaka swami.

Miracles of Sri Sampath Vinayagar: 

It is believed that Vizag was saved from Pakistani attack so Admiral Krishnan, in charge of Eastern Naval Command personally came to the temple to break 1001 coconuts. From that period this temple became much more famous.

Offerings and puja: 

Garika puja, undrala nivedana like Pappulo Undrallu, pradhikshana, Ganapathi Homam and Sankashtahari Chaturthi puja. To do puja’s it is believed that Wednesday and Friday’s are best.


Road: This is temple is at walking distance from RTC complex

Rail: Visakhapatnam is well connected with all parts of India and is 2 Km away from the railway station.

Air: Visakhapatnam International Airport is around 13 km.

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