Trikut Ganesh Temple Nanded

Trikut Ganesh Temple is located 25 km away from Nanded town, Maharashtra. Trikut Ganesh Temple is one of the ancient temples in India, it is said this temple is 800 years old. Although there is no proper data on how old is this temple but people surrounding say that this was worshipped by Nagpur King Raghuji Raje Bhosle. King suffered from a skin problem, in order to clear his skin problem and get blessings of lord, he used to pray Lord Ganesh and he was blessed with a healthy life.

Trikut is a small village blessed with Godavari river water. This temple is built on the bed of Godavari River. It is surrounded by a peaceful environment in the middle of the river. Devotees first have a bath in the river to cleanse their body and visit the temple. Based on the data, in ancient times this temple used to be submersed for almost 6 months. As this temple is getting submerged whenever there are river flow devotees built one more temple and installed lord to offer dhoop, deep and naivedyam.

Devotees who finish visiting Trikut Ganesh will visit Bhaveshwara temple located in Bhaveshwar Nagar.  It got a name of Brahmapuri but once upon a time this temple is being worshipped as Lord Shiva temple based on historical data. Chakradhar Swami was one of the devotees of Lord Sri Krishna he meditated for 12 years for lords blessing, a lord appeared and blessed with a boon that he will reside here. Devotees belong to Sikh religion will offer special prayers to Chakradhar swami present underground.

Then devotees visit Maale Gaun, Loha taluka located 85 km away from Nanded. Here we have Khandoba temple which is one of the forms of Lord Shiva is again one of the ancient temples. Devotees maintain cleanliness and procure prayer items at local shops and move ahead. Based on the historical data, this temple was built in the 12th century. We have idols of Lord Khandoba (Shiva) and goddess Malsi (Parvati). Devotees will be blessed with Moksha once they visit the temple.


Road: You can travel by train still Nanded railway station and catch local taxis

Rail: Nanded railway station is the nearest point.

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