Shivani Chitrakoot Shakthi Peeth


Shivani Chitrakoot Shakthi Peeth is one of the legendary 51 Shakti peethas from India. It is located at Ramgiri, Chitrakoot village, Uttar Pradesh.

The significance of Shivani Chitrakoot Temple:

According to the Hindu mythology, Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation, it is the holy place where maa “right breast” fell down. Local people call the deity with the name Maa Shivani/ Gayatri Shakti peeth and her concert, Bhairava form of Lord Shiva is worshiped with the name Chanda.

Local people believe that devotees who visit this temple will gain Knowledge, free from salvation, attain wealth, get relief from diseases and can get the capability to purchase vehicles.


Legend of Shivani Chitrakoot Shakthi Peeth:

As per the ancient texts, it is the place where Lord Ram along with goddess Sita and brother Lakshman stayed in this forest for about eleven and a half years. Also, this location is being stated as a sacred place where Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar took incarnation. As per Valmiki Ramayana, it is the place where Lord Rama performed Shradda Ceremony to his father. Even famous saint poet “Tulasidas” had darshan of Lord Rama at this location.

During the festive season of Ramnavami, Makar Sankranthi, Deepavali Devotees throng to this shrine and take part in holy rituals.

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Places to visit:

Janki Kund – It is the place where goddess Sita Devi used to bath.

Ram ghat, Hanuman Dhara, Devangana, Kamd giri (one of the famous religious place), Bharat Milap temple, Sati Anasuya Ashram, Lakshman pahadi, Bharat koop (the place where Bharat stored holy water).

How to reach Shivani Chitrakoot Temple:

Road: There are several deluxe buses, Auto Rikshaws and taxis floating from temple to Allahabad.

Rail: The nearest railway station is at Allahabad which is about 125 km. There are several trains running from the capital city Delhi. For more information visit for more information.

Air: Allahabad airport is around 118 km. from the temple. It is advised to take the local taxi to reach the temple.

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