Shri Khade Ganesh Temple – Kota Kashivpur

Shri Khade Ganesh Temple is located at Kashivpur, Kota, Rajasthan. It is on the banks of river Chambal and is one of the ancient Hindu temples. As per temple priests the deity exists for 600 years. Here Lord Ganesh is found standing unlike other temples sitting or lying.

There are small idols of Lord Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Nandhi along with Lord Ganesh. Apart from gods, there is a small room fitted with the photo of Ratan Singh who established the glory of this temple. Lord is
decorated with different flowers and orange cloth offered by devotees.

Miracles of Shri Khade Ganesh:

It is believed that whoever the devotee prays for 7 Wednesdays by
visiting this temple will be fulfilled with his wishes immediately.

Devotees here follow a tradition of hanging bell and pray to lord to fulfill their wishes. This temple is pleasant and is surrounded by trees which attract different kinds of birds especially peacocks are seen dancing which gives a special ambiance to the temple.

Temples around Khade Ganesh:

Rangbari mandir (1.3 km), Nageshwar Mahadev mandir (2.6 kms), Veeru Ji ka mandir (2.1 kms), Jyoti Bal Vidya mandir (2.9 kms), Jai Hanuman mandir (2.9 kms), Vaishno Mataji mandir (2.9 kms), Chouth Mata mandir (3 kms), Puneet Dham mandir (3.1 kms)


Road: It is well connected by all major cities.

Rail: Kota railway station

Air: Kota airport is the nearest airport

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