Sugandha Shaktipeeth Shikarpur Bangladesh – 51 Shati Peethas

Sugandha Shaktipeeth is one among 51 shakti peethas located at Shikarpur which is 10 miles north to Barisal, Bangladesh. This temple is dedicated to shakti Sunanda and the Bhairav associated is lord Tryambak (whose temple is located 5 miles ).


  1. According to the mythology Daksha yagna and Sati self-immolation,  it is the holy place where “Nose” of goddess Sati fell down. Special rituals are performed during Devi Navratri.  Goddess is locally known as Ugratara
  2. According to Agama Sastra, no temple shadow should fall on the river, but here you can see that temple shadow falls on running water of Sunanda river.

Although there are no particular historical texts found near the temple to know how old the temple is, people believe this temple is very old by its structure and designs. This temple wall is carved with Hindu gods and goddess sculptures on stone walls.

This temple is famous for Shiva Chaturdasi which falls on 14th moon usually during the month of March. Thousands of devotees throng to this temple and worship lord Tryambak. In order to attend this worshipping act, one has to come to Jalkati Station from where they need to travel 5 miles to reach this destination. This temple is located on the river banks of Sunanda.


Road: Sugandha Shaktipeeth is well connected with local transport facilities from Barisal. One needs to travel 5 hours from Barisal to reach temple premises. Usually, devotees from India reach this temple in huge quantity, for those West Bengal is the nearest point of travel.

Rail: Jhalakati Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

Air: There is an International Airport in Barisal city.

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